FAQ and Support

What is myShowApp (MSA)?

  • myShowApp is used primarily onsite at conferences, tradeshows or expos to help attendees, speakers and exhibitors explore and view details about the event.
  • To use the MSA, you must be registered for an event that is using MSA as their official App for the event. Talk to your event producer to see if they use MSA for their event.

How do I log in and use the app?

  • To use the myShowApp, you must be registered, and in good standing, for an event that is using myShowApp as their official App for the event.
  • To log in, simply enter the email that you used when registering for the event, and the App code that was emailed to you. The APP code is usually found in the registration confirmation email, or event reminder email.

I can’t log in, now what?

  • First, make sure you have internet access. You must have internet in order to login.
  • If you do not recall your app code – use the “I can’t find my app code” link located below the login screen.
  • If you are still having trouble, first make sure you are registered for one of the following events located on events.

Can I log in to more than one event?

  • No. You can only be logged into one event at time.

How much mobile/WIFI data will the App use?

  • Upon login, the typical event uses about 25mb of data. If you download presentation files you will use the quantity of data notes for each file downloaded.

How do I view session or presentation information?

  • After you log in, simply follow the event home screens to view and search for sessions, keynotes, etc.. Each event is a little different so pay attention to the main event home screen.

How do I search for a Session?

  • Once you are in the sessions list, at the top of the list will be an option to search the sessions by keyword.
  • Also, you can click on the filters icon at the very top of the page to filter by various items including speakers.

How do I complete a sessions evaluation?

  • To complete an evaluation for a session, go into the session details and then click on the Evaluation icon at the very bottom of the Session Details page.
  • Once completed, the system will thank you and you may not submit an evaluation twice.

How do I download a session presentation file?

  • To download a copy of the presentation, go into the session details and then click on the Documents icon at the very bottom of the Session Details page.
  • This will show you a list of available documents. Please note, not all speakers make their session presentations available.

How do I view Speaker Information?

  • Click on the Speakers icon the event homepage to view and search all speakers.
  • Click on a speaker to view their picture, bio and the sessions they are presenting at.

How do I add a session to My Agenda?

  • You can add sessions to your agenda by clicking on the “add to my agenda” button located within the sessions details.
  • Please note: Adding a session to your agenda does not mean you have attended the session. Most events require you to be scanned as you walk in.
  • You can only add sessions to your agenda that do not require payment to attend. For example, some sessions are included with your event registration, and some are an additional cost, like workshops. If the session is an additional cost the option to add to my agenda will not be shown.

How do I remove a session from My Agenda?

  • To remove a session from your agenda, Go into your agenda, and then click on a session, and then click on the button “remove from my agenda”.
  • Note, sessions that are paid for, can’t be removed. To get a refund please go back to the event main website and follow instructions.

How do I view a list of Sponsors or Exhibitors?

  • To view a list of sponsors and/or exhibiting companies simply select the Sponsors or Exhibitors icon from the main event home page.
  • From here you can search and view the sponsor’s details, booth #, website and more.

What is the Passport program?

  • The passport program is a game used onsite while you are at an event. The goal is to visit each “official” place or boots at the event to finish the game.
  • Prizes all depend on the event and what they offer. Most events will include your name in draws after you have visited each location. To find out where the draws are see the event info booth or ask at registration.
  • Depending on the event this option may or may not be available

How do I logout?

  • To logout of the myShowApp, select the 3-dot menu at the top right, and then select logout.
  • When you logout, you will NOT lose any data stored on your device.

What happens if I uninstall the App from my device?

  • If you uninstall myShowApp from your device all of your personal settings will be removed if they have not synced yet.
  • For example, your evaluations, items added to my agenda will be lost if the app does not have an internet connection to sync the data.

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